silage roller

The silage roller, with its high tare weight and large drum, offers very good silage com­pac­tion with good rolling cha­rac­te­ris­tics. The drum´s twelve fines are used for deep com­pac­tion. With up to 1000 l water bal­las­ting, the silage roller can be ballasted to suit the towing vehicle. When working in silage walls, the four rolling elements on the frame prevent damage to the silage roller and walls. (With standard lighting and a transport width of 3 m, road transport is not a problem.) By using the optional edge wheel (which can be re­tro­fit­ted to any silage roller), the side/edge of the silage can be ad­di­tio­nal­ley compacted.

At a glance

  • CAT 2 / CAT 3
  • Towing eye: 15 t
  • Boom to ho­ri­zon­tal: approx. 52°

Ad­van­ta­ges of the silage roller

  • High tare weight
  • In­di­vi­du­al bal­las­ting with up to 1000 l water
  • Deeply effective com­pac­tion when driving over silage
  • Rolling element on frame for use in silage walls
  • Robust and long-lasting

Technical data

Drum diameter:1050 mm
Water filling:1000 l



  • Boom with/without wheel/wheels

Article numbers

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Silage roller
Boom without wheel
Boom with 1 wheel
Boom with 2 wheels